The Legacy of John Biggers

The University Museum Collections 

Dr. John Biggers, world-renowned artist, established the Art Department at Texas Southern University in 1949. One of his major goals for the University was to develop a collection of traditional African Art. Such a collection would enable the students at Texas Southern to develop a "perceptional growth" and cultural sensitivity to African Art. Through Dr. Biggers's initiative, the University has developed several collections that spark educational curiosity and artistic inspiration.

Works include murals, sculpture, 3D Art, paintings, photographs and more.

Selected Works

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36. Untitled by John Biggers

This untitled by John Biggers - shows three generations of Southern black families emerging from a pool of water, a reference to both ritual purification and the primordial beginnings of life. Flanked by monumental female figures — symbolic perhaps of maternal Africa — this community stands together facing the dawn.