Submission Guidelines


Applications will be accepted from March 1, 2020.

Registration forms should be postmarked by TBA. Only completed applications will be accepted.


  • To Register Online (Click ONLINE REGISTRATION in the menu). Online payment will total $38.47 (includes a $3.47 processing fee).

  • To Register by Mail (Click Here) to download registration form. Form must be filled out completely and include the $35 entry fee (check or money order only).


All applicants must select 3 choices from the featured select works as listed on the website. Selections will be assigned to applicants on a first come, first served basis.



Spring 2021, Date TBA - A completed sketch, description of design, along with a complete listing of materials used, and styling for runway presentation including hair and makeup must be sent via email to:

Spring 2021, Date TBA  - Completed garment and music selection for runway presentation are due. No garment will be accepted for review by judges after 5pm on TBA.

Spring 2021, Date TBA - Finalists must come in for interview and judging. Finalist will be selected and must sign a publicity release form as a requirement for participation in the runway presentation of designs.

All finalists must download and submit a W-9 form to complete the application process.



1st Prize - $3,000

2nd Prize - $2,000

3rd Prize - $1,000

Mattie Kirkland Whitaker Entrepreneurial Award in Design - $2500

Most Creative - $1,500

People’s Choice Award- $1,000    



  • All packaging and shipping are the responsibility of the designer.

  • Ensure that registration packet, sketch and garment submissions are packaged carefully, are easily transportable and can withstand shipping process. 

  • Boxes and/or envelopes must have a return address clearly marked. Please note submission materials may not be returned in the same box in which it was shipped. We must have clear documentation showing your return address.



Please note that designers are responsible for ensuring that their entry complies with copyright guidelines and that it does not infringe upon another person's intellectual property rights.



The garment must be an original concept designed and created by the designer.



  • You must provide every item that you wish your model to wear.

  • No perishable materials are to be used (this includes animal or plant products or food unless properly treated).

  • No hazardous materials may be used in garment construction. Any wire, glass, sharp objects or metals must be incorporated in the design in a manner that does not create potential physical harm to anyone.

  • Garments must be able to withstand transportation, being worn several times and/or potential display and inclusion in FSOA events.

  • Models must be able to see clearly while wearing the garment.

  • There must be a fabric label on the inside of your entry (including accessories) which includes your name and the title of your garment. 

  • Photographs and relevant details on how the garment is to be worn and how to put it on MUST be included.

  • Make an inventory of all the pieces of your entry, providing clear photos of the front and back of the finished garment worn on a model.



Garments must be made to fit standard sizing 4 to 6.



For The Sake of Art Gala: Spring 2021, Date TBA .


For further information, please email